Sheldon and Geni's 2016 Trip to Quebec
Today is: Sept 18
We woke up in: Quebec We're going to sleep in: Quebec

Shel: Slept in - boy was that nice. Finally got out and on the road about 10. Went to tour the Ile D'Orleans. Visited a maritime park, a manor, a black smith shop (though he wasn't working). Had to fill up truck with gas at 1.09 - came to $108 Canadian.

Geni: Nice day visiting the Ile D'Orleans which is off the coast of Quebec, only a half hour away. We had some places to visit from tour books, but we also found a tower and a restaurant from talking to people. Everyone pretty much spoke English, which was helpful..

We took a couple of pano pictures - first from the top of the tower, second from the top of the falls.

St. Lawrence Maritime Park where shipbuilding took place. Most of the information was written in french, so we didn't get many facts.

This room is where they built the boats

This was an example of the dry dock where they pulled the ships out of the water

Just playing around on the bow of the mock boat

Shel met a buddy

Manoir Mauvide-Genest - kitchen in home of rich landowner of Island

Before he expanded house, they slept in the kitchen

View of house - the house greeter and me. He told us about the tower nearby

Beautiful view from tower - parc de la tour du nordet

View of farm land, sea and mountains

From different angle

Tower with lots of steps to get up to the top for the aforementioned views

Stairs leading to top of Montmorency Falls.(great shot of the bird)

So we decided to take the cable car instead. It was a fun ride.

Falls are 100 ft higher than Niagra Falls - we caught a rainbow in this pic

Montmorency Manor at top level, where there is another parking lot. We discovered this after we paid for cable car to get to the top level.

View overlooking falls

View of bridge to Ile D'Orleans from falls

Back on bottom level

Stopped at cheese store and bought this cheese which is supposed to be roasted. We had sampled it there and liked it.