Sheldon and Geni's 2016 Trip to Quebec
Today is: Sept 19
We woke up in: Quebec We're going to sleep in: Quebec
Unusual for us, we had a lazy morning in the camper and then went to Old Quebec City for a food walking tour. It took us an hour to find a parking spot as we drove around the city. It might have taken a little less time, but we were looking for an outdoor spot since we had the truck. As it turns out, it only cost $15 (less as US money) to park for almost 7 hours. The food tour was a lot of fun. We visited a few different restaurants and sampled some wines and food for during a 2 1/2 hour walking tour. The tour guy, Simon, was entertaining and the people in our group were interesting -- all from U.S. We ended up eating dinner with a couple from New Jersey at a restaurant recommended by our guide. It was a cold, windy day, but luckily we were dressed for it.

Another lovely statue and fountain in one of the many neighborhoods

A street near our parking lot that was closed to traffic -- the neighborhoods just blend into one another - so picturesque

We walked along this lower city area, which we saw from yesterday

Lots of stairs to different streets lined with stores

We don't know how this translates in english, but it's a store here. Their website says "To Hell with Fashion"

Again with the stairs

This was a stop at a maple syrup store during the tour

Got to sample poutine, which is french fries with gravy and cheese curds.It wasn't bad. Told how cheese curds should be prepared to taste good.

Had to take pic of Shel eating FISH - cod ball

In crepe shop, tasting ham and cheese crepe in buckwheat crepe. It tasted good even though you can't tell by my expression

Chatting with Simon our food tour guide

This was white chocolate with hazelnut filling - very delish

Finally got to ride the Funiculaire (like an elevator, but at an angle) down to lower level (instead of walking or taking the stairs)