ATV Trip September 28, through October 1, 2016. George Lyon (our fearless leader, Don Lee, Tom McKee, and myself


After years of being harrassed about joining George on an ATV trip I finally gave in. George's son, Andrew, was kind enough to loan me his ride. We trailered up to Elsworth Me. where we left our vehicles in a club parking lot for 4 days. Don looks very happy to get on the trail.


Lets not get too far doen the trail before we have to start checking tire pressures. Nice trails for the most part - gravel, dirt roads, and paved roads. Lets not forget the occasional rocky connector trails

At one of the points we stopped to view the ocean. We we met by a local resident who lived right there and was vey friendly
Then we took out first selfie ....


Our first nights lodging, a very nice motel in Machias - with an even better restaurant next door - Helen's


The view from our balcony


The other view from our balcony


George being very proud of himslef for opening the drapes in the morning and having the sun pour in and waking me up


I just got done explaing to George that we had to stage an accident with the borrowed ATV and send the picture to Andrew, the owner. But no, G. never took me up on it, trying to be nice to Ana.


Everybody was telling George where to go, even the Cottage keeper at out next evenings lodging.


At a boat landing


This poor bee git George's ATV and got stuck on it. Here he is trying to revive


Out at another viewpoint. We just kep wandering around. BTW - great sky.


The trail leads right down to the ocean.


Another trail leading to the ocean.


The other shore is in New Brunswick


Robinson's Cabins - I think in Dennysville - Our second nights lodging

Don relaxing after a hard day on the trail. We did about 130 miles today.
Second selfie in front of the fireplace in the room


A little brisk this morning, 37 degrees


George studying the map again, must have worked as he did find the trucks at then end of the trip.,br>

Lots of map reading along the entire trip
Super trails (for the most part)
Tom thinking it is nap time


When ever you travel with George you are bound to meet up with the Men in Green. This one is a TV star though from the show North Woods Law.


Tom deciding to do a little trail cleanup


Don doing a different type of cleanup


The fall colors just started appearing. 3 days ago every thing was just green


Our last night's lodging, the Airline Snack Bar and Motel. A 'no frills' motel


Blueberry fields forever


On this site 17 windmills are going in. They have another site where 19 are going in.


The fall colors are starting


Back at the trucks and ready to haul home. Our 4 day trap totaled about 360 (s)miles


Just a bunch of random fall cocloring shots.